Grow naturally-durable eucalypt timber

for vineyard posts

VineyardTimbers Ltd is promoting the establishment of eucalypt hardwood forest to produce naturally-durable timber for New Zealand’s wine industry and other uses where natural durability and high strength is required.

There is mounting concern in New Zealand and overseas about the use and disposal of CCA treated pine posts and timber. Planting durable eucalypt plantations offers the opportunity to produce naturally durable posts and timber on a sustainable basis.
Seedlings for a number of eucalypt species have been selected from an evaluation of national NZFFA species trials and extensive trials planted by VineyardTimbers Ltd in Marlborough. These species have potential for large-scale plantation establishment as well as farm woodlots.

Species and provenance

Available on this site are the species available (selected provenances), and some information about the species as a guide to interested forest growers. We recommend that a mixture of species be planted.

Growers should note that for good survival and growth, eucalypts generally require:

  • sheltered sites
  • fertile and well drained soils
  • mild winters with regular annual rainfall.

Therefore, these species are best suited to low altitude, sheltered coastal areas of New Zealand.


All the seed used to propagate our seedlings is collected from natural forests in south eastern Australia. No genetically improved seed is available. VineyardTimbers Ltd is committed to  research on durable eucalypts and is a joint venture partner to the New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative (NZDFI).

The NZDFI is a collaborative cross-sector research and development project that is investigating and promoting the planting of genetically-improved naturally-durable eucalypt forests and woodlots on drought prone and erodible pastoral land within New Zealand. NZDFI was established in Marlborough on 1 July 2008 at the Marlborough Research Centre.

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